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Food for thought                      







Good habits start early, that’s why we’re extremely proud to sponsor the Food For Thought Education Trust nutrition programme.

Food For Thought is a free nutrition education programme sponsored by Pams to help Year 5 and 6 primary school students (9-10 year olds) throughout New Zealand make healthier food and lifestyle choices.

It’s a community based initiative, designed and developed by nutritionists and teachers to align to the New Zealand Health and Physical Education curriculum.

The Food For Thought programme is based around a class session facilitated by a Food for Thought Nutritionist.  The students then take their learning into their local supermarket – a PAK’nSAVE, New World, Write Price or Four Square store.  With guidance from  the nutritionist, the children apply their classroom learning in an interactive setting.  They practice reading nutrition product labels, compare nutritional benefits of products and learn about allergy awareness.   Back in the classroom the students are given a budget and they design a healthy class lunch.  With sponsorship from Pams they then buy, make and enjoy a wonderful lunch together. 

With parent help, a free Food for Thought Lunchbox packed with more nutritional information , an amazing fridge magnet,  and the hands on activity of making a healthy lunch, this new found knowledge is taken back into the home.

This amazing programme is so successful the Heart Foundation has partnered with the Food for Thought Education Trust to also deliver the programme into New Zealand schools.

We’ve had over 112,000 kids go through our programme since 2007.  Learn more about this fantastic programme