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If you’d like to see how Kiwis' tastes have changed in the past 80 years, look no further than Pams. As each generation has given way to the next and brought with them new tastes, new recipes, and new habits, we’ve matched them. In fact, you could say we’ve grown up with New Zealand.

You see, when we launched Pams in 1937 through Four Square stores around the country, it was with two Kiwi staples at the time - baking powder and custard.

We had a simple aim back then, as we still do today; to give our customers the best quality products, without having to pay top dollar.

That idea went down pretty well and our range quickly expanded, first through the pantry, and then to other products around the house like nappies and toilet tissue.

To meet the needs of more Kiwi’s we introduced our Budget range, allowing shoppers to pick up their weekly staples at everyday low prices.  After nearly 30 years we thought Budget deserved a bit of a makeover, so it now has a new name, Value, and packaging to match. But importantly, that’s all that’s changing - so with Value you can still get everything you need, at those same low prices.

True to form, to match today’s desire for gourmet and artisan products, we’ve recently launched our Pams Finest range. It’s perfect for when you fancy that something a little more special – watch this space as more products appear on shelves.

It’s no wonder Pams continues to be New Zealand’s largest and most trusted grocery brand. From the humble beginnings of baking and custard powder, there’s now nearly 3,000 different products on offer across our Value, Pams and Pams Finest ranges.

But our story won’t stop there. As New Zealand’s tastes and needs change, so too will our ranges. Look out for what’s next. If history is any indication, it will probably be exactly what you’re looking for.