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We’re doing what we can to inform and educate on healthier eating. With New Zealand’s  growing desire to reduce their salt and sugar level, we are constantly working with our suppliers to identify ways we can reduce/remove sodium and sugar from our products without compromising quality and taste. 

Specifically, we have:

    • significantly reduced the sugar content across our range;
    • significantly reduced the sodium content across our range;
    • aimed to have lower sodium and sugar levels than the market-leading branded equivalent in the relevant category;

We also know it’s much easier to make healthier choices about food when you have the information you need at hand. That’s why you’ll find helpful information on a range of our products. Here are some of the initiatives we are involved with:

  1. Health Star Rating

    The Health Star Rating is a quick and easy tool to help you choose healthier packaged foods. At Pams we believe the Health Star Rating labeling system provides consumers with an effective way to quickly assess products within a category which have better overall nutritional characteristics. To date we have put health stars on the labels of more than 90% of our private label foods (where it is appropriate to do so under the guidelines).

    We will continue to roll out Health Star Rating labeling to the few products where we're still to update packaging, and will continue to push the boundaries to reduce sodium, sugar and saturated fat as we review our range.



  2. 5+ A Day

    At Pams we're committed to helping New Zealanders live healthy lifestyles. 5+ A Day is scheme that encourages all Kiwis to eat five or more servings of colourful, fresh fruit and vegetables every day for health and vitality. Just like any high performance machine needs the right fuel to run well, we need fresh fruit and vegetables to get the best out of our bodies for physical activity, learning, sport and all our daily activities. You will find our commitment to this charitable trust on our packaging – look for the 5+ a day logo.

    5+ A Day is in keeping with both our Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation’s recommendations.