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5 10 2018

We’ve looked far and wide and seen some great entries, but there can only be one Ultimate Toastie Champ!

Our winning entry looks fresh, delicious and has the perfect amount of toasting to the bread..

Presenting the Pams Ultimate Toastie Champ… Renee Wells with her Lemon Pepper Fish Toastie!

Winners Image

Made on our delectable Pumpkin Seed + Rye bread, this great toastie contains lemon pepper fish, avocado, cream cheese, swiss cheese, tomato, rocket, micro greens and home-made lemon pepper mayo. What a masterpiece!

But that’s not all NZ. In our quest to find our Ultimate Toastie, we came across another ten toasties that we felt deserved a prize for their tasty-ness, amazing-ness or all-round crafty-ness. Presenting our category winners..

The Ultimate Sweet Toastie

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Goes to Rachel Ngarua, with her use of Pams Four Seed bread to create a drool-worthy masterpiece! This almighty stack contains lashings of Pams Hazelnut Spread and layers of grilled banana. It’s topped off with a drizzling of caramel butterscotch sauce, forest berries and a sprinkling of pretzel crumb! Eat your heart out, sweet tooths!

The Ultimate Use of Leftovers

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Goes to Andrea N Fry, with her leftover chilli con carne and cheese toastie on Pams Four Seed bread! We were inspired by many toasties that made use of leftovers, but this concoction really takes the cake.

The Ultimate Use of Pams Burger Buns

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Goes to Diane Davidson with her ‘Well Stacked Buns’ toastie. She’s managed to squeeze a lot into this creation – with yellow capsicum, mushrooms, ham, omelette, spinach, tomato, cheese, herbs, avocado and lemon pepper seasoning all gracing our fabulous Four Seed buns!

The Ultimate Use of Pams Ingredients

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Goes to Teniqua Jones, for her fabulous concoction on Pams Pumpkin Seed + Rye bread. This amazing toastie creation contains Pams Butter, Pams Grated Tasty Cheese, Pams Mayonnaise, Pams Baby Spinach, avocado, bacon and cherry tomatoes! We especially loved the addition of garlic butter to the bread.

The Ultimate Kiwi Classic

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Goes to Vanessa McDonald with her toastie take on the classic Southern Cheese Roll on Pams Four Seed bread! Vanessa combined the famous cheese roll ingredients with some pineapple and spring onion to deliver a scrumptious take on a Southern classic! Perhaps this is the start of something new? 

The Ultimate Main Meal in a Toastie

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Goes to Morgan Logue with her Ultimate Kiwi Burger toastie served on Pams Four Seed bread! Filled with a homemade burger patty, aioli, cheese, lettuce, grilled pineapple, beetroot, tomato, runny yolk egg, gherkins and grilled onion – what’s not to love?! Served with some delicious Pams shoestring fries and Value diet cola, this certainly is a meal and a half!

The Ultimate in Innovation

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Goes to Jenny Lim with her 4-deck cheese toastie made on Pams Four Seed bread! This ‘fit for royalty’ tower contains three cheeses and is topped off with a crunchy cheese crown – now that’s something different!

The Ultimate Kids Toastie

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Goes to Jean Rachel Chua, who impressed us with her avocado, mint, feta and olive oil toastie! It may not sound like a classic kid’s combo – but we reckon Jean is onto a winner with something nutritious and delicious for her little ones!

The Ultimate Take on a Classic

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Goes to Warren Crabtree with his take on a Reuben Sandwich toastie on Pams Pumpkin Seed +Rye bread. Filled with corned silverside, swiss cheese, tahatai smoked cheddar, gherkins and turmeric sauerkraut – we reckon he’s onto a winner!  

The Ultimate Special Occasion Toastie

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Goes to Gwen Green with her ‘High Tea’ toastie creations on Pams Pumpkin Seed + Rye bread. Gwen made two types of sandwich for this creation – one sweet (strawberry jam, cream and brown sugar) and one savoury (salmon, mayo and dill). We love the ingenuity and reckon this is a fabulous idea for a special occasion or whenever you feel like being a little bit fancy!


Thank you to everyone who entered - choosing our winners was a mammoth task with so many amazing toasties to choose from!