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22 1 2019

Guacamole served with crunchy corn chips is the ultimate summer snack - for the beach, by the pool or as five o’clock nibbles (or even a whole bag and bowl to yourself while watching Netflix inside - we’re not judging!) But there are so many other ways to use this delightful creamy-yet-zingy Mexican dip, even easier when it’s already made up for you - bright, green and ready to go; perfect for when you don’t have the time, or patience, to play the avocado ripening game.

Toast some fresh grainy bread and slather it with a thick layer of Pams Classic Guacamole (don’t be stingy!) Top with a perfectly runny poached egg and salty crumbled feta for a breakfast that tastes wonderful, and will easily keep you going till lunchtime.

Pams Coriander and Chilli guacamole is the perfect component in a vibrant vegetarian weekend brunch. Eggs - however you fancy them - a side of Mexican style beans and a good dollop of guacamole on the side equals a wonderful start to the day.

As a weekend lunch, crispy, golden corn or courgette fritters and a salad can’t be beaten (even better with a side of bacon). Top your fritters with sour cream and Pams Spicy Habanero Guacamole to really get the party started.

Mexican-style baked potatoes are a great lunch; stuff them with cheese and chilli beans and top with creamy Pams Classic Guacamole for an easy, but tasty, lunch. If you have time, dice some tomatoes and onion, squeeze with lime and add coriander for a fresh salsa finish.

Throwback to the seventies with a classic prawn cocktail with fresh, crispy lettuce, plump juicy prawns and a good squeeze of lemon. Swap out the thousand island dressing for Pams Spicy Habanero Guacamole to give it some zing and complement the acidity from the lemon perfectly.

New potatoes are a fabulous side at a summer barbecue. Instead of mayo as a dressing, try Pams zesty Coriander and Chilli guacamole and top with chives and crispy bacon. Great to take to a party.

We know purist Italians would be aghast, but guacamole makes a lovely finish to an alternative pizza. Fragrant lamb mince or buffalo chicken make good non-traditional pizza toppings and a few dollops of guacamole finish it off perfectly.

And of course we’re not saying that you shouldn’t have any of the Pams Guacamole range as a dip. Corn chips are a classic but top your avocado deliciousness with pomegranate and serve with homemade pita crisps if you're looking for something different - and a bit fancy.