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18 3 2019

Weekday dinners are a source of stress for many households. Sure you might have time to chop, simmer, fry, garnish and create something gorgeous at a leisurely pace on a weekend afternoon, but some weekdays, there’s barely enough time to wrangle ingredients into something resembling dinner before people start to get hangry.  

Pams Finest have come to the rescue on this one with a range of new decadent pasta sauces. But these beauties are far too delicious to only use on pasta. With flavours like Creamy Saffron and Ricotta, Black Truffle and Mascarpone, Olive and Almond Tomato Picada and Goats Cheese and Lemon you’re going to want to put them on everything! Here are some ideas for using this new range - guaranteed to elevate your weekday meal game, without requiring hours in the kitchen. 

Jazz up those spuds 

Replace the butter in your mash with some Creamy Saffron and Ricotta pasta sauce. Not only will it give it a lovely creamy flavour, it will also give it a smooth texture and mouth feel. Dreaming of tapas in Barcelona? Sauté some potato cubes and dress them with Pams Finest Olive and Almond Tomato Picada pasta sauce and you can have your own twist on patatas bravas at home. Substitute Goats Cheese and Lemon Pasta Sauce for the usual mayo or sour cream in your potato salad and sprinkle with fresh chives or dill to finish. These are just a  few ways to make the humble spud fancier, with minimal effort. 

Add some magic to veggies 

Blanched beans and broccolini can be pretty ordinary on their own, but slather with Olive and Almond Tomato Picada pasta sauce, and top with toasted slivered almonds and you’ve got greens family members will fight over. Goats Cheese and Lemon Pasta Sauce will make wilted spinach or silverbeet  a gourmet side, and can also serve as a lovely creamy, tangy topping to roast pumpkin, peppers or mushrooms too. Suddenly that plain roast chicken is looking a whole lot more interesting, with some zesty veggie accompaniments. 

Turn ordinary meat and fish into restaurant-style food 

Pams Finest Black Truffle and Mascarpone pasta sauce is delicious when used as a dressing for sirloin steak and pan-fried mushrooms; and sautéed prawns tossed in Olive and Almond Tomato Picada pasta sauce with crumbled feta is a delicious dinner that takes less than five minutes. Creamy Saffron and Ricotta pasta sauce used as a base for pan-fried scallops or fish or poured over golden chicken and leeks on rice will make you feel like you’re in a restaurant of the best kind - one where the food is top notch, but you can wear your trackies and sit down to some Netflix afterwards.