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2 11 2018

Happy Diwali! This popular Indian festival is known for its bright lights, beautiful colours and delectable dishes. To celebrate this wonderful festival, here’s some Pams inspiration to create your own Diwali-style dishes!

A big focus of Diwali is feasting often and gifting sweets to friends and family, so why not make some of these yummy bites to share with your loved ones? Our homemade vegetable samosas are easy to make but will be sure to impress! And the Coconut Stuffed Sweet Pastries make for a perfect sweet snack.


Vegetable Filo Samosas

Surprise your friends and family with these delicious samosas made from scratch! These flavoursome bites are easy to make and can be prepared in minutes.

Mango Lassi

This traditional drink makes for a perfect sweet dessert! For a deliciously chilled Lassi, us Pams frozen mango instead.