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1 8 2019

Introducing our new Pams range of cookware. With a range of 7 pots and pans, there’s one for every need! Our full-size range is ready to use on electric, gas or induction stoves, and its non-stick surface allows for a quick and even heat distribution. Our mini saucepan and frying pan are for use with electric or gas hobs.

Available in red or black, our range is made from top-quality materials, helping you achieve the best cooking results from home.

Pams Sauté Pan with Lid 28cm | Pams Frying Pan 28cm | Pams Frying Pan 24cm | Pams Saucepan 20cm | Pams Saucepan 16cm | Pams Mini Frying Pan | Pams Mini Saucepan

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