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17 4 2019

Introducing two delicious new loaves to the Pams range of bread - the Pams Gluten Free Everyday Loaf and the Pams Superfoods Gluten Free Super Seeded Loaf.

We know it can be tough finding Gluten Free products as good as the real thing - but we're confident we've nailed it with these two! Even better, they're both Dairy Free too! Enjoy bread without the gluten, that's just as delicious fresh or toasted.

Choose from our Everyday Loaf, designed to be similar to a good old fashioned white bread, light, soft and great for sandwiches or tasting. Or our Super Seeded loaf, which is packed with the flavour and goodness from quinoa, toasted sesame, pumpkin, linseed, poppy seeds and a dollop of sweet molasses.

Pams Superfoods

Healthy food shouldn’t just be a luxury. Pams Superfoods range gives every-day eating a health boost with nutrient-packed foods at budget-friendly prices.