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9 4 2019

When school principal, Mary Isabel Fraser, visited China in the early 1900s and brought back seeds for an interesting ‘Chinese Gooseberry’ she had tried, she had no idea it would spark a nationwide fervour for this zesty new fruit. We’re so glad she brought those tiny seeds back, as the kiwifruit has become an essential part of our culinary repertoire - adding that unique, fresh, zing to dishes and desserts.

If you’ve only ever eaten kiwifruit as it is, or on a pavlova, here are some great ideas for sweet and savoury applications. The possibilities are endless.

Breakfast bowls

One look at Instagram will reveal breakfast smoothie bowls have become an art form. Create a base of chia soaked in coconut milk, or blended yoghurt and fruit, and go to town decorating it with fun toppings. Both green and gold kiwifruit add a beautiful splash of vibrant colour and contrast perfectly with rows of shredded coconut, Pams Superfoods Goji Berries or anything from the Pams nut range to add wonderful texture and crunch. Just don’t make it so pretty you don’t want to eat it!

European classic with a Kiwi twist

Many people will have tasted the classic European combo of rock melon wrapped in prosciutto for that unbeatable salty/sweet combo, but have you thought about substituting the melon for gold kiwifruit? The acidic sweetness complements the salted pork perfectly and if you throw it all together with rocket and a light dressing, you have a delicious salad for guests that only takes ten minutes to assemble.

Go Mexican

Kiwifruit makes a great base for a salsa. Just cut it up into small cubes, add finely diced red onion, defrosted chopped Pams frozen mango and chilli before finishing with some generous squeezes of lime juice. Served over prawns or in pulled pork or chicken tacos for a juicy, fresh hit on top of your favourite Mexican dishes.

Tart up your sweet treats

Carrot muffins with cream cheese icing look great with sliced kiwifruit for decoration. An otherwise ordinary rice pudding becomes far more exciting when its creaminess is given a boost from the slight sharpness of chopped mango and kiwifruit. Sprinkle with shredded coconut and suddenly, something your Nana used to make just became a far more interesting dessert option.

Sassy salads

Salads should always be well balanced with flavours and textures – i.e. not too dominated by any one component or taste - and kiwifruit is a great way to add sweet and acid elements all in one go. Mix sliced kiwifruit through any leafy salad or try a mixed rice option with Pams toasted slivered almonds and dried cranberries, spring onion and capsicum (dice the kiwifruit and toss through just before serving). Another great combo is Pams Superfood Quinoa with kiwifruit, Pams Superfoods berries (you could use goji or dried blueberry for an antioxidant boost) and crumbled feta. Great for work lunch boxes.