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27 8 2019

Figuring out to cook for dinner every night can be a real drag. That's why we've worked with Sera Lilly to create a 7 Day Dinner Planner.

Planning for the week with Pams will make your evening routine that much more enjoyable. Just sit down on a Sunday afternoon (or whenever suits) with your print-out planner, add a few of your go-to's, browse through our Pams recipes (under Inspiration) and note down what takes your fancy. Our recipes are quick and simple to prepare, tasty and kind on the wallet!

Top tip - to make the most of your planning, use the shopping list on our print-out planner to ensure you use all produce you plan on buying. You don't want to use half a pumpkin for a recipe, and found you're stuck with the other half that goes to waste.

For more inspiration, follow Sera on Facebook or Instagram as she uses our Dinner Planner to feed her family of 7.


For the most mouth-watering inspiration, look no further than Pams. Our recipes are simple and quick to make, without making too much of a dent in your bank balance.

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