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Pams Nappies and Nappy Pants

As parents, we want the best for our littles ones and when it comes to nappies that means soft, absorbent and comfortable, all while not costing you the earth. With such fresh and delicate sensitive skin, what you choose to put on your babies' bodies is a big deal. That’s why, here at Pams, we’ve designed our new and improved range of nappies and nappy pants with your family’s best interests in mind.
From newborn snuggles to energetic toddlers, Pams has created an affordable day and night solution for busy parents that we know you can trust.

Wetness Indicator
With enough to worry about as a tired parent, sometimes we need a little help - especially when it comes to changing time. That’s why Pams has included a handy wetness indicator to tell you if it’s time for your little one to be changed. Great for quick checks when out and about, this indicator is also perfect for grandparents, babysitters and even the less intuitive dads who tend to ask tired mum if baby needs a change! 

“Extremely happy with the wetness indicator! Made my eyes not roll into the back of my head when asked if she needed to be changed. Thank you Pams, you saved me!” 

Nappies are usually the first thing baby is wearing after they’ve entered the world, so we know how important it is that your new edition is wrapped in something gentle, soft-to-touch and comfortable. Pams has crafted an improved nappy range to have an ultra-soft, pearl textured top sheet that’s designed to be protective and calming on young and developing skin. 
Leaving you with peace of mind that nappy skin contact discomfort is a thing of the past! 

Absorbency / High Waistband 
Long nights and active days are made so much easier when you’re confident in your nappy’s ability to keep your little one dry. Made from 5 layers of plant-based absorbent technology, we take pride in our dry-to-touch premium absorbency for ultra-convenience and easy-on easy-off mobility.
With an improved higher waistband and elastic back, Pams nappies allow for more stretch and greater comfort for your little one – a snugger fit and less chance of leaking out the back end means no more running after your cheeky monkey for that difficult changing time manoeuver! A quick and easy switch makes all the difference.

Check out the new and improved Pams Nappies range at your local New World, Pak ‘n Save, Four Square and On The Spot, or online via the link below. 

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