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Easter weekend activities

Make the most of the long weekend by trying a few of our fun Easter weekend activities. 

Planning a quiet Easter weekend at home this year? As great as an Easter trip away can be, staying home for the long weekend can be an excellent opportunity for family bonding time. 

Whether you’re into crafts, baking - or just looking for an alternative to chocolate Easter eggs, we have something for everyone! 

Whip up an indulgent Easter treat 

For many of us, Easter is all about sugary indulgence! For the ultimate rich, chocolatey dessert, you don’t get much better than our Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake. With a recipe this simple, no one will ever believe that it only took you ten minutes to throw together! Spend time with the kids decorating your cheesecake - you could go for the classic mini Easter eggs, or keep it simple with a sprinkling of chopped hazelnuts and a dusting of cocoa powder. 

More of a breakfast person? Say hello to Easter morning with our moreish Hot Cross Bun French Toast. Serve it up with crispy Pams Streaky Bacon and lashings of Pams Finest Maple Syrup - you’ll never be able to look at a plain hot cross bun the same. 

More of an intermediate level baker? Try making your own Chocolate Hot Cross Buns - we promise they’re even better than the ones from the supermarket! Perfect for an Easter themed afternoon tea, served with your favourite hot drink. 

Or try an alternative to chocolate 

Dreaming of a tasty Easter snack, free from refined sugar? Our Hemp, Hazelnut and Cacao Protein Bliss Balls are the answer! Packed full of the good stuff, without compromising on taste, these are the answer to all your Easter cravings! Stick to the Easter egg theme by rolling the bliss balls into little egg shapes. 

If you’re looking for a sugar-free egg hunt this Easter, our Playdough Easter Eggs are the answer! Not only are they bright and fun to hide, your kids will be able to use the playdough again and again. Bonus - once you’ve finished your egg hunt, spend some time whipping up another batch with the kids to decorate for loved ones. As a bonus - give them an old egg carton to paint to use as gift wrapping!  

Wanting a sweet Easter treat, but not a chocoaholic? Give our Easter Bunny Twists a go! They’re fun to make as a family, and the results are super cute. These also make awesome sweet treat lunchbox fillers for when the kids are back at school! 

Crafty family activities 

With a whole weekend at home - there’ll be plenty of time for other Easter activities with your family. Why not pull out your Christmas tree and make an Easter tree for the family to decorate? Or make your own - find a large branch with lots of twigs shooting off and place it in a vase, ready for decorations. 

Create hand painted Easter eggs to place on your tree - simply use a needle to poke two holes in either side of an egg, then blow the contents of the egg into a bowl (save this for another recipe)! Wash the eggs and let them dry, for unleashing the kids with their paint and brushes! 

Another alternative to using actual eggs for decorations is Salt Dough. Our recipe contains the basic ingredients, simply mix up the shapes and paint with Easter designs. We recommend creating bunnies or eggs - just ensure younger children are supervised while the dough is baking. 

Keep going with the egg theme and have an egg and spoon race with the whole family! This works even better if you set up an obstacle course in your backyard, complete with cones to move between, objects to duck under and a finishing rope to cross! Give older kids a challenge and use a fresh egg to test their balancing skills. For younger kids, hard-boil an egg to give them a few more chances to get their egg back on their spoon.  

There really are so many Easter related activities to do as a family - the only limit is your imagination! Hopefully a few of our ideas have given you some Easter inspo - Happy Easter New Zealand!