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Lunchbox ideas you and your kids will love

It’s that time of the year again. Summer holidays and endless beach days are a fading-but-wonderful memory as parents’ minds turn to more mundane tasks like ordering stationery, buying uniforms and thinking about lunch ideas that will get a big tick from young critics rather than a soggy, wilted return at the end of the day. And it’s not just kids either; it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut with work lunches as well - cheese sandwich and an apple again? Here’s some inspiration for the return to school - to make lunchtime something to look forward to, for everyone.


Stick it to ‘em

Sticks of anything are fab for lunches. Cut up some cucumber and throw in some Pams Carrot Batons, Cheese or Pams Finest Mini Salami and you’re good to go. If time permits, chuck some hummus, pesto or other delicious variant in a tiny container for dipping action.


Wheels of delight

Grab a couple of Pams White, Wheatmeal or Spinach wraps and load them up with whatever kids fancy. Spread some Pams Rich and Creamy mayo, Whole Grain Mustard (or whatever condiment they love) across the whole wrap and top with flat layers of Pams Shaved Ham, Tasty or Edam Cheese, lettuce or other faves. Roll up like a pinwheel and cut into manageable pieces before securing in a reusable food wrap. If you do two or three at once there’s probably enough for the whole family once cut.


Mix it up

Kids love choice so take them shopping and buy a selection of packets of Pams dried fruit and nuts - cranberries, cashews, dates, almonds and lots more. Pick up some other bite-sized snack food (pretzels, popcorn, Japanese rice snacks, chocolate chips - go wild!) and on Sunday let them help mix up the snack combo for the week - under supervision, as it could end up a combo of chocolate chips and chocolate chips otherwise! Change up a couple of ingredients every Sunday to keep things interesting.


Roll with it

The humble bread roll can be the basis of a glorious lunch. Keep things like Pams guacamole, shredded chicken, shaved ham, salami, cherry tomatoes and salad bags with a wide range of condiments in stock, so yours are a lunchtime hit.


Go Mexican

Kids love corn chips so put some Pams Cheese or Sweet Chilli flavoured ones in their lunch box and add a little container of Pams Salsa or Guacamole for dipping. Ariba!


Primo pockets

Pita Pockets are a fabulous lunch. Cut some Pams White, Wholemeal or Garlic pita so they’re easy to stuff, then load them up with Pams shaved ham, Edam cheese and your favourite chutney or relish and put them in the panini press for a few minutes to melt the cheese. Wrap them in foil and pop them in the box.


We hope trying these ideas, with your own freestyle flourishes, will result in lunches your whole family loves – without spending hours in the kitchen. With a bit of training they’re definitely easy enough for older kids to prepare themselves, and maybe make an extra for you too? Now wouldn’t that be the ultimate result for a great year!