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1 10 2019

Pams Finest proudly brings you two new flavour sensations to enhance your dishes - Pams Finest Fresh Pestos! With two delicious flavours, the only limit is your imagination with what you can create.

Our pesto can be used in pasta dishes, meat, and seafood, also in salads and on potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables, and in sandwiches, soup, dips, on platters and in savory baking.

Traditional Basil Pesto - a classic pesto of sweet basil, parmesan, garlic and pinenuts, blended with olive oil.

Some suggestions for serving

  • add a pottle to cheese scone mix
  • push under the skin of a whole chicken before roasting
  • toss with linguine, add lemon zest, rocket leaves and more parmesan
  • scoop out a baked potato, beat in pesto with equal part sour cream and pile back into the potato shell
  • sear beef steak, top with crust of pesto, mixed with equal part of soft bread crumbs
  • toss asparagus spears and pesto in a hot pan until just cooked and finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon

Roasted Red Pepper Pesto - sweet red peppers blended with parmesan, cashew nuts, garlic and sunflower oil.

Some suggestions for serving

  • use as a pizza topping sauce
  • massage into slashed chicken thigh fillets before grilling
  • dollop into scrambled eggs along with cubes of creamy feta
  • mix with equal parts soft cream cheese and smear on charred lamb cutlets
  • rub onto sides of raw salmon and roast until just cooked               
  • steam fresh mussels in their shell, add a dollop of red pesto to juices and soak up with crusty bread