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Introducing the Pams Artist Series Tissues

A tissue box is the perfect canvas to bring a piece of art into your home. Under the theme of New Zealand, Our Home, we’re sharing with you our Artist Series - a selection of tissue box designs created by emerging Kiwi artists and designers.

Bron Alexander, our second artist of this series, is a Waikato-based illustrator who describes her style as eclectic and ever-evolving, where she takes inspiration from artists both historic and contemporary. Her muse is the nature surrounding her; using local mountains of Pirongia and Kakepuku to influence her content. The beautiful light that filters through the forest near her home allows for her creative exploration of shapes and silhouettes.

Soft, feminine, and whimsical combined with abstract, bold and colourful – Bron’s curiosity for life is evident in her design and illustration work where she takes inspiration from artists both historic and contemporary. She wanted her tissue box art to be something simple, beautiful, and Kiwi, so people recognise it with fond memories.
“It’s incredible to think that people are maybe going to have a little piece of my art in their home.”

Through the eyes of a Kiwi designer, bring a slice of Aotearoa’s beautiful nature to your home with the Pams Artist Series.

Our previous artist was Lucy Davidson. If you’re missing Lucy’s artwork, want to learn more about Lucy and how to get your hands on some more permanent artwork for your home, look here

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