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12 8 2019

Pams Finest is proud to introduce the latest in after dinner treats – our Pams Finest Italian Desserts range. Our traditional Frozen Italian Desserts are crafted using top quality ingredients, then snap frozen for freshness and a light texture. The result – desserts of true finesse that you’ll be proud to serve!

Perfect for a delectable end to your next dinner party, or a tasty after dinner treat alone.

Quadrotto Berry Cake – Delicate vanilla sponge, layered with chilled semifreddo and lavished with berries, crafted to a traditional Italian recipe.

Chocolate Truffles – Rich Italian truffles, handmade round to be the old-fashioned way, then dusted with cocoa and hazelnut granules.

Crème Caramel – Two individual creamy smooth custard puddings, each with a dollop of rich caramel sauce.

Quadrotto Meringue Cake – Delectable layers of meringue and creamy, chilled semifreddo, dotted with dark chocolate drops.

Tiramisu Savoiardi – A classic dessert of coffee-dipped ladyfinger, layereds with zabaglione and marscapone cream, with delectable hints of marsala wine and dusted with rich cocoa,

Meringue Torte – Creamy, sweet semifreddo studded with dark chocolate drops, encased between scrumptious double layers of caramelized meringue.