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25 9 2018

Look out for our brand new Pams Gluten Free and Pams Superfoods chilled pizza bases. They're both entirely free from gluten and once topped bake up nice and crisp on the outside with a soft bready interior.. like any good pizza should!

Pams Gluten Free bases are a classic product, ready for your favourite pizza toppings – whether that’s a simple margherita, classic combinations like blue cheese, walnuts and fresh pear, or homegrown Hawaiian if you must! Pams Superfoods bases deliver a new twist on your classic pizza, with linseed, sesame seeds and red quinoa mixed into the base – get inventive with pestos and proscuittos, salamis and salsas.

Both bases are made in a gluten-free bakery to ensure no cross-contamination. Head to your nearest PAK’nSAVE, New World or Four Square to give them a try!

Pams Superfoods

Healthy food shouldn’t just be a luxury. Pams Superfoods range gives every-day eating a health boost with nutrient-packed foods at budget-friendly prices.