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Welcome to Pams. We’re proud to have been such a big part of the kitchens, dinner tables and homes of New Zealanders for over 80 years.

And like New Zealand, we’ve been through plenty of changes over that time.

From our humble beginnings when we supplied just baking and custard powder, we now boast a range of over 2000 products, with everything from baking to butchery, to fresh produce and grocery. And yes, to health and beauty too.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is our aim; to give our customers the best quality products, at affordable prices, everyday.

It’s an idea that took hold back then, and still holds true today, making us New Zealand’s number one grocery brand and annually voted as one of Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands.



After nearly 30 years our Budget range has had a well-deserved make-over, with a new name, Value and new packaging to match.

Pams Finest

Pams Finest means when you’re looking for something a little more special, you don’t have to pay through the roof for it.

Pams Superfoods

Healthy food shouldn’t just be a luxury. Pams Superfoods range gives every-day eating a health boost with nutrient-packed foods at budget-friendly prices.

Our story

If you’d like to see how Kiwis' tastes have changed in the past 80 years, look no further than Pams.