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19 11 2018

Whatever your entertaining needs this Summer, Pams Finest has you covered. From delectable cheeses and pates, through to premium cured meats, savoury biscuits and everything in between – your grazing platter will never look or taste better.

Check out our entertaining range below and discover the fine ingredients into Pams Finest.

Pams Finest Cured Meats

Italian prosciutto, Spanish jamon, biersticks traditionally spiced and cured here in NZ. Our Pams Finest cured meats are authentic and delicious.

Pams Finest Cheeses

Like a traditional blue? Or are you a fan of soft, buttery Brie? Pams Finest has you covered with our specialty cheese selection.

Pams Finest Wafer Crackers

Wonderfully delicate flavour and texture make these the ultimate crispy carriers! Serve with your platter of Pams Finest cheeses, cured meats, pates and antipasti.

Pams Finest Pates

Our Pams Finest pates are in the classic French parfait style but crafted locally from top notch ingredients including fresh butter and premium liquors.