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The rise of Matariki signals the start of the Māori new year, and marks a spiritual and cultural moment in the calendar. Remembering those who’ve passed, appreciating the present and planning for the future.

This Matariki, Kara Rickard shares her story with us about going home to Raglan, where she connects with her whānau and friends. This is where her loved ones gather to share knowledge, learn new skills, and forge new connections. Her childhood here has inspired the upbringing for her tamariki – they live in Auckland but call Raglan their home, and frequent here as often as they can. For Kara, it’s important that they connect with their whenua and taiao, it’s an important part of their identity. A place of remembrance, reflection and gratitude.


Regardless of where you come from, or where you call home, it’s food that can be a powerful thread to weave people together. Kai is an important source of connection and a way to tap into the past, be present in the moment, and learn for the future. The sharing of recipes or passing down of traditions, cooking together and then sharing and eating together tells the story in itself.

Matariki is a special time to come together and spend it with those you love.