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Mexican Corn Cobs

Jazz up your corn cobs with this tasty yet simple Mexican inspired twist! The corn husks are purely for decoration, so they can be removed if you prefer.

Leftovers Picnic Pie

This pie is a great way to convert leftovers into a completely new meal! It works well with whatever leftover meat you have, such as turkey or ham.

BBQ Beef Lettuce Cups

Quick, easy and full of flavour, this BBQ meal is best eaten by hand as a lettuce wrapped parcel! Ready in: 20 mins Ingredients 300g Pams Fresh Beef Korean BBQ Hanger Steaks 4-5 small...

Wild Rice Stuffing

This stuffing is perfect for serving alongside a Pams Finest butterflied turkey! The stuffing is cooked in muffin pans, so there is no need for a turkey cavity at all.