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This Christmas has felt like it's popped up out of nowhere! Are your plans in place yet? Maybe you're going all-out with an extended family gathering, or a low-key relaxed potluck with the neighbours. Christmas feels like that one time of the year where the only rules to follow, are the ones you set for yourself.

What are your rules this year? Are you sticking to your traditions with a classic family recipe? Or trying something inspirational you found online? From festive treats to unique creations, from seasoned cooks to the next host generation - the next Christmas chapter is looming and a key event is sure to be your festive spread.

Your spread has a story to tell; let Pams be the trick up your sleeve so you can focus on telling it. So, how do YOU do Christmas?

Autumnal Staples

Explore Pams range of Autumn must-haves!